StocksForYoungies: Man on a Mission

FOR those of you that haven’t been following my journey on Twitter, my name is Brandon Carty and I am the creator of StocksForYoungies, aka SFY. The concept behind the SFY brand aligns with the name, I provide tips, education, courses and motivation to young people on investing into the stock market. As a young investor myself, I am aware of the major advantages that investing my money at a young age has and feel the need to spread the word to other youngsters like me.

Where it all started

At the start of my investing journey, like many of you, I created a ‘burner’ or ‘fake’ Twitter account to solely follow helpful investment pages on twitter, i done this so that my timeline could become an investing haven. I quickly found out that the pages I was following didn’t cater to new investors and there wasn’t a particular page/website or platform that adheres to educating younger investors, who tend to have a different mindset and ‘risk approach’ compared to the ‘average’ investor, which in the UK is around 37yrs old.

As I grew my knowledge of the financial markets over time, I then decided to take matters into my own hands and created a Twitter page called StocksForYoungies, which would educate young people on investing into the Stock market. If you couldn’t tell already, the name StocksForYoungies was inspired from a well-known brand called Stocks For Dummies…Clever right!

The SFY Twitter page, which is what initially exploded the brand, was started in November 2020. With help from the bull market, lockdown, the AMC/GME drama and some educational tweets, I managed to gain over 10,000 followers in less than 6 months. Following this I then decided to expand the brand onto other platforms and I now run the SFY Twitter page, SFY Instagram page and SFY discord, which all focus on motivating and educating the youth on the basics and simplicities of investing. I have also started a SFY website which I am slowly building up, you can check it out here.

StocksForYoungies Investing for beginners

The goal

The idea behind SFY started as an educational brand, but as the brand developed I have adapted the approach and added a big motivational aspect to it. It’s great educating those young people that want to learn but the other 95% of the 16-24yr old population have no idea what investing is and couldn’t care less. Opening their eyes to the benefits of investing money into the stock market has been a massive focus of mine and it comes with a rewarding feeling when done successfully.

From my own personal experience and what I have come across whilst running SFY, the biggest mental barriers stopping most young people from investing is a lack of understanding and the belief that you need lots of money to start, but this is not the case. I believe the fault of the lack of understanding lays with the educational system, but that’s a discussion for another article.

Investing young

Let’s focus on the belief that you need lots of money to start off with. This idea is stemmed from a combination of a few things; movies like ‘Wolf of Wolf Street’, tales told by parents of ‘bankers they know’, the perception of stocks being for the higher-class only, and again a lack of understanding. As a young person I understand why investing into the stock market is initially scary, because it comes across as a complex place where you don’t belong. Well, I am here to tell you that you do belong there, and so do your friends and siblings.

The recent Gamestop & AMC events turned millions of kids into stock market lovers.

There is a long list of reasons why you should start investing young but today I will focus on the power of compounding, as that seems to have the biggest impact on beginner investors after they learn what it is.

From Google: “Compounding is the ability of an asset to generate earnings, which are then reinvested or remain invested with the goal of generating their own earnings. In other words, compounding refers to generating earnings from previous earnings.”

Now let’s put that into language that we can understand; compounding is the process of using profits (made on investments) to accumulate more profits. The true power of compounding is unlocked with time because the benefits of 3 years of compounding does not match the benefits of 30 years of compounding.

For example; you invest £1,000 and it earns a 10% return, or £100 per year. In a compounding scenario that £100 would be reinvested and would become part of your total investment, so now you have £1,100 invested. 

At the same 10% return you will receive £110 on £1,100, so your total return after two years would provide you with a total investment of £1,210, which is 21%. 

Although we all start small and the numbers can seem suppressed, it becomes much more interesting when the numbers start to grow. Let me show you an example of long-term compounding:


  • Aged 20 you decide to invest £100 each month into the S&P 500.
  • Aged 30 you’d have around £24,000.
  • Aged 50 you’d have around £420,000.
  • Aged 65 you’d have over £2.8m to retire with.
  • Investing young is good because time is on your side.

And the backing behind it:

As we can see, the returns dwarf the total monthly deposits. Making your money work hard for you.
Final value projection after 45 years (aged 20 to 65)

*Based on 13.6% annual returns (which S&P has averaged for last 10 years)

Does that surprise any of you? Well, it did when I first came across the true power of compounding and since then I have learnt everything surrounding compounding. 

Compounding your money within the stock market has proven to be the most effective way for accumulating money over long periods of time. I believe that when a person works hard for their money, their money should then work for them, compounding is the key to this. Now I could never guarantee that an average investor could make the exact amount stated above but it is a great example to show beginners that embarking upon a ‘compounding journey’ is a financially rewarding thing to do.

And yes, from as little as £10 per week into the FTSE100 and/or S&P 500, you can build up a sum of 6 figures if you invest over a long period of time. The proof is in the numbers.

When you start to scratch the surface of investing into the stock market there is a common feeling of regret because you wish you knew this information sooner. This is one of the main reasons why I created SFY, because I want young people to know the benefits of investing sooner than I did and sooner than most Britons do. It’s not going to be an easy journey but by the end of it I want SFY to be a household name, with syllabus’, courses, programmes and classes being rolled out into every school and college in the UK.

I’m a man on a mission to merge the masses with the markets.

*Please note that StocksForYoungies is not a financial advisory group/person nor do we claim to be. StocksForYoungies does not provide investment or financial advice in any form and is not a broker. StocksForYoungies is solely an education company that is solely providing educational services and products. Every person should understand and acknowledge that there is a degree of risk involved in trading securities and shares. You should acknowledge and agree that you, and not anyone else, are solely responsible for your own investments and research.